|| I need more [Editing]

|| I need more [Editing]

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"I don't need a night with you, I need a forever, if it's you I need more" 


Me: Who? Wait you mean you? Sorry I couldn't tell the difference between you and that trash can over there
Imagine if autocorrect changed it to 'Teahyung' instead of 'Taehyung' lol
ehkdbfkf ehkdbfkf Dec 06, 2016
I would talk Back to him  people shouldn't take trash from anyone even if that person is one of the cutest guys alive and TBH what kookie said wasn't even baf
fuckingg gosls i wsh my little sister thinks of me like this
                              i try so hard for her aswell even when i'm hurting 😭💔
                              anywaYS ENOUGH ABOUT ME RANTING Lmao
user98855 user98855 Jan 06
I saw coffee shop and was like MOTHERFOAJAJXJX BAP 😍😭😭😍😍❤
He wants to be
                              You know what Im not even gonna finish that
                              What has the internet done to me...