The Quarterback's Girl

The Quarterback's Girl

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There is one bulky man on either side of him, they have their arms linking to his, he kneeling in front of someone with that raven black hair.

As we get closer, I see his pain in the way he is holding himself,  his brown hair is clouding his face. Something catches in my throat as I see him bent forward, almost looking limp.

The panic is slowly eating me up on the inside.

'Please lift your head, let me see your eyes' I pray inside my head. He can't be gone.

It's almost like he hears my prayers as he looks up, his blue eyes as deep as the ocean depths, knocks the breath out of me as per usual.

I close my eyes and thank God for keeping him alive.

His right side of his jaw is all purple and red. A cut on the other side of his face, which is oozing with the red liquid.

He suddenly looks past the black haired male to look at us, reassurance washing over his features. It's when he sees me that his eyes widen, and the panic grows by the second. He goes from a slump to picking himself upright.

He's hurt. Badly.

The black haired man spins around as we walk closer in their direction.

All 6 of us stop as I catch a glimpse of the face.

A deadly grin appears on his wicked face.

"Boys, I've been waiting for you" He shouts loud and clear. 

"And you brought the girl"


Crescent Bay Dawson was once popular but now she lives in the shadow of her twin brother. The only person who notices her is the cocky, egotistic, Star Quarterback of the school; Elliott Grayson.

Can Elliott charm her into falling for him or will she finally win the heart of her childhood crush?
#2 in humor - 2nd February 2018
 #5 in teen fiction - 6th November 2017
Honestly if you wanna laugh this book will make you laugh cause that's what I'm all about!

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