The Quarterback's Girl

The Quarterback's Girl

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Crescent Dawson, most ordinary person placed on the planet. A normal teenage girl. With enemies, and a crush; the one and only Conner Ryder who makes every girl's heart swoon. 

That was until Elliott Grayson slipped back in to the picture. Crescent was pranced by Elliott since she started elementary school. As Elliott realises who she is again he begins to teach Crescent how to to be the once crazy, fun loving and happy girl who she used  be.

Elliott Grayson is the famous school Quarterback. The player. The womenizer.

As time goes on Crescent'a emotions are a mess, can you love a boy that you hate. Nevertheless he was still her twins best friend, which meant he was out of bounds?

Crazy ex-best friend, typical mean girl and cliche high school drama.

Can a friendship really work between the Famous Quarterback and the ex-cheerleader girl?

Find out in The Quarterback's Girl.

#143 in teen fiction - 6th November 2016

Well I don't what to die soo let's get on with the cliche...
I'm a straight Idgaf student 😂 I only do my work right before a test 😶😶I don't see how I'm passing
No worries, i got a B in English and two A's in German and japanese yet English is my first language. Like wtf how
remybrunel remybrunel a day ago
I got an A in English, Latin, French, Spanish and German😶. Don't ask why I study them all my answer would be England's schools are pretty weird. At least I now know i want a job tied with language when I'm older😊
cherrybomb_dotcom cherrybomb_dotcom 5 days ago
I'm from England where they demolished the grading system and use freaking percentages. Yeah.