unwanted - j.s.  on hold

unwanted - j.s. on hold

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¡! Megan !¡ By tallhopes Updated Sep 02, 2016

" I keep to myself for a reason. "


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anniethepandie1 anniethepandie1 Dec 06, 2016
They're probably going to zoe's house and it will be so weird because it'll be zalfie and allison, then joe and caspar will arive and joe will steer clear of allison and caspar will be like: hey! I saw you on the plane. You were next to me😂 thats just my opinion
tahmi03 tahmi03 May 10, 2016
Soaring throught the sky little Einsteins!!!!
                              OMG I REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!
iironn- iironn- Jun 01, 2016
idk why but i became more into zayn than the other boys (except for harry) since the end of 2015. i mean idk sighh
-BlissfulBella -BlissfulBella Jul 20, 2016
Well I never. Joseph Graham Sugg, I didn't raise u like that
camrachic camrachic Jun 01, 2016
yep I love joe so I am saying that he was held hostage and was kmade to say that lol
                              my imagination I while just stop know befoe I say something tht could get me killed
                              I can defentaluy spell PFT what you talking bout
BillieDixon02 BillieDixon02 Feb 18, 2016
The thing that frustrates me was that you said flight to Brighton... I live there and the closest airport is gatwick... IM SORRY BUT IT ANNOYED ME! Other than that I LOVE THIS FANFIC