Used | Jikook

Used | Jikook

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"You have to stay away from me. I'll just use you." Jimin stared at Jungkook intently, making the latter shiver slightly.

Jungkook caught Jimin's piercing gaze with his before answering "Let me know how it feels to be used then."


I don't even know. Smh.

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BreeV17 BreeV17 Jun 19, 2017
No one can tell me they aren't in love with eachother after watching Run
Lee_hana_ Lee_hana_ Dec 04, 2017
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jessiemcm04 jessiemcm04 Mar 03
I melt myself stg😂. When I read ‘I don’t even know what he looks like’, I thought about me in this situation and went ‘what if he’s ugly?’..
                              Then I remembered this is jikook and neither of them are or will ever be ugly❤️❤️❤️
xXFujoshi_TrashXx xXFujoshi_TrashXx 6 days ago
Is Jimin top here? If so, then this is my first Jikook fanfic with top Jimin.