Used | Jikook

Used | Jikook

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vote BTS By bangtanxme Updated Mar 07, 2016

"You have to stay away from me. I'll just use you." Jimin stared at Jungkook intently, making the latter shiver slightly.

Jungkook caught Jimin's piercing gaze with his before answering "Let me know how it feels to be used then."


I don't even know. Smh.

greybangtan greybangtan Sep 21, 2016
We should make a club. The PLMC! (The play loud music club, duh)
innocent_fluffball innocent_fluffball Oct 19, 2016
GOOD 3 THUMBS UP INCLUDING A TOE cuz the other is gone lel sorry i could give 4~
jikook_wydd jikook_wydd Jul 21, 2016
Who remembers that 'daddy's money' commercial with those ugly asś twinkle toes or whatever they were lol
paytoparkjimin paytoparkjimin Sep 04, 2016
i always get nervous that the fanfic's i read won't be good, but so far, THIS IS GREAT <3
Mailee_wolf Mailee_wolf Jul 02, 2016
I would've beat his ass in the car while driving if I was his mom. Ungrateful asd