Adopted By Little Mix

Adopted By Little Mix

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Camille Johnson. 15 years old. Pretty popular at the orphanage. But there's one problem. She's in an orphanage. She wants out. Out of that horried orphanage. Yeah she was popular, but she hates her life in the orphanage. One day, a very popular band comes to the orphanage, her life may change. Read what happens in Adopted By Little Mix. But, will he life be in danger after she gets adopted?

Ft: One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and 5SOS

WARNING! Involves self harm and abuse.

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StandingBi StandingBi Aug 29
I'm pretty sure if I met Little Mix I would faint but if I got adopted by them I would die of being I'm sure I would be a complete mess and like nervously puke all over the place, no joke
Hun, even with that many ppl, it takes wayyyyy more than 3 hours
TIFF! You know you can get kicked off of Wattpad for this? This is plagiarism! You have to change this fraze. It cannot be from a movie or someone else's book! You have to ask that author or that movie producer or else you could be charged for serious plagiarism!