Promising To Be There For You✔

Promising To Be There For You✔

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Nazurah was more than happy than she could ever be at an age of twenty. Marriage was the last thing she wanted, only with the tag of happily ever after. She was that noisy river that spilled gleefully over the plains. She was a girl full of life. Little she knew that happily ever after came after it's own set of trails. 

Nashwaan was distressed, held grudges and complains from life. He had a bumper ride of life unlike men, of age twenty five. He wasn't shy but always searched for shells to hide. He missed the calmness in his life. Marrying her would give him power or so he thought. He shunned her only to be madly in love with her. But Love was never easy.

They didn't had the best relation but still their relation was like that of sunshine and shadow, rain and cloud, love and hate, where she opted to tend his wounds over her luxury.

She was incomplete without him and he was incomplete without her...


Luv the start!!! Itd jst great... ❤❤❤Mashallah 😘😘😘
Rosesecrets Rosesecrets Mar 01
Awwwww that's so sweet of her!! Not everyone will have the heart to do that for their own sister!! :)
Rosesecrets Rosesecrets Mar 01
That is beautiful!! Especially since they're staying together!! :)
Walaikkum Assalaam dear. ... Great introduction. . Looking forward to read more. ..
Jinn_hijabi Jinn_hijabi May 31
I know, the mindset of self obsessed ppl, coz I am one among them ;D
wa alaikum salam...
                              This is hilarious..way of narrating is awesome :-)