The Little Koizumi Girl. *Naruto Fanfiction*

The Little Koizumi Girl. *Naruto Fanfiction*

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Have you ever felt one of the most important person in your life being killed in front of you?

Did you ever wanted to cry in front of your friends but you didn't because you see it as a weakness?

 Do you hate people looking at you with disgust? 



My name is Nami Koizumi. I am from the Koizumi Clan, One of the strongest Clans in Konoha.

But people from the village looks at us with disgust on their faces, they say, people from the Koizumi Clan are fools who are hungry for power. My father and I were the only people left in the Clan after the Kyuubi attacked the village.

"They were all killed protecting the village. They all had an honorable death." That's what my father always told me about them. I don't know any of them.

They died and I lived.

And again, My name is Nami Koizumi and this is my journey.

I will be dead after reading this book. I can see it I will be emotionally dead.
Yes, I have mastered fake smiling....... I've become so good that even I fool myself.... bit for only a minute or two.
ch1b1k0 ch1b1k0 Dec 30, 2016
yup but it easy get used to. after you had that feeling and stares since brith
I can't smile without it being forced. 
                              Unless I'm looking at a child or am happy (that happens once in a blue Moon)
Djohn003 Djohn003 Dec 30, 2016
Im used to it to the point were i do it without realisning it
0takutrash 0takutrash Nov 20, 2016
Jesus christ these comments tho. Now I feel really lucky to have friends and not be depressed