The Little Koizumi Girl. *Naruto Fanfiction*

The Little Koizumi Girl. *Naruto Fanfiction*

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What will you do if the most important person in your life is killed in front of you?

Will you cry in front of the people you trust but you're scared because you think they will see it as weakness?

What will you do if you get too tired when all people throw judging looks at you everyday?


I am Nami Koizumi. I am from the Koizumi Clan, one of the strongest Clans in Konoha.

But people from the village looks at us with disgust on their faces, they say, people from the Koizumi Clan are fools who are hungry for power. My father and I were the only people left in the Clan after the Kyuubi attacked the village.

"They were all killed protecting the village. They all had an honorable death." That's what my father always told me about them. I don't know any of them.

They died and I lived.

I am Nami Koizumi and this is my journey.

Ghostly_917 Ghostly_917 Oct 03
Yeah, multiple times, it's sad, I hope they're happy where ever they go.
GabiQ0812 GabiQ0812 Oct 18
                              Jiraya, Asuma, Haku, Neji and multiple others...
Yes... but its easier cause not many people notice me, so i rarely have to smile. im not trying to make you sad or pitying me, its just i automatically smile when i see a friend/family member, even when i feel like crap but most of the time i just think, so i don't really smile anyways.
No, cause i don't care about an assholes opinion, what i care about is when they loo at something/someone precious with disgust, when they are innocent or already have a low opinion of themselves, that's when i want to punch their smug little faces in.
What I do is though it hurts they are not connected or going to be remembered in the long run they will be forgotten like the rest of the assholes in my life that are so irrelevant now that I can't be bothered to remember their names.
there are so many sarcastic comments on this but can i just ask that you stop typing,reading, or whatever you're doing and be quiet for at least 5 seconds, for all the people we've lost. Thank You.