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Dark Desires (Yandere!Levi x Reader)

Dark Desires (Yandere!Levi x Reader)

30.7K Reads 795 Votes 10 Part Story
. By AllAboutHiddles Updated Feb 11

Every member of the Survey Corps. has problems. With death lurking behind every corner, who could really blame them? Everyone has their own problems. Everyone but Corporal Levi that is. On the outside he appears sane enough. Stoic, determined, and strong. The truth of the matter is Levi is haunted. Something in him is slowly breaking; the truth of his true nature unraveling. He is so close to snapping, and there is only one reason for that: you.

Lol  cool. I guess you're aight. Now imma go with eren senpai. BYEEE
School Yandere's: It's Convenient there are absolutely no cameras to catch the killers... Their exuse is a budget ;-;
itbetiny itbetiny Aug 19, 2016
Aww thanks the only one that thinks about me like that is me 😭😂😂
sensama sensama Oct 31, 2016
You are amazing the beginning made my jaw drop you are so good at detail and crap like that. I just can't get over it.
Snowdeen Snowdeen Oct 27, 2016
Srs ?! You melt my heart ! But i still can't be with you... Cuz... You're a Yandere
Midnightgreenamb3r Midnightgreenamb3r Jan 27, 2016
How on earth do you not have a lot of readers I read the first paragraph and I was immediately sucked in o.o