Angel With A Shotgun

Angel With A Shotgun

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Grey By DefendTheUndefended Updated Jun 23

Tsuna has grown up called many names: dame, useless, outcast, disgrace, abomination, worthless, freak, wimp, dirt, unloved, and so many more.

He was called the disgrace of the family, and alot of people believed that.

With a brother that acted like an angel in front of everyone as a ruse, and a simple minded mother. No one could see his pain.

But he found a way.

Found a way to live. To survive. He became known as [      ]/Blank or White. He became a hacker and informant, and was damn good at it.

 He made a decision to survive and that's exactly what he is going to do.

Wonderful and deep introduction! It has a lot of potential therefore I shall continue and look forward for more :)
                              Okay that was really lame xD but in all honesty this was a really great start ^^
So deep 
                              So alluring
                              So creative
                              So passionate
AysaWolf AysaWolf Sep 18
... This....... This had make me rethink my entire life almost........ Just. Wow
...Without a sound
                              ...a lonely tear
                              ... a single word
                              .... beautiful.....  🙂
I could feel the emotions surrounding every. single. word.
                              So DEEP and MEANINGFUL.
                              So much emotion.
                              Oh my Gosh.
                              I'm speechless
I so love the unique title. It's so cool. I rarely encounter great KHR Fanfic titles so I was amazed to see this! So creative!