Who We Are; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)

Who We Are; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)

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((read whole description to know what you're getting into xD)) 

There is a secret hiding in the nation of Hyrule. For centuries this land has been a democracy, but few actually know just what is going on behind the scenes. What use are the old tales when no one even believes in magic anymore? 

Zelda is a girl who lives her life trapped within the walls of her family's mansion. She only leaves to go to school, and there she meets someone who will quite literally change her life forever. 

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WARNING; This story has only been partially edited and I cringe to high heaven reading it. I don't mind you enjoying it, so I'll leave it up but don't judge my writing by this book. If you can't stand it, like me, please head on over to Raising the Stakes, which I have put much more time and effort into and is a million times better. 
      The Legend of Zelda is (c) to Nintendo. 
      Thanks for reading~
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