Bat Family

Bat Family

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Kathryn Hopkins By RaverGrayson Completed

Richard john Grayson is the youngest of the Wayne family Damien and his twin Jason are both hero's and Timothy, well he is his normal self...sorta

what will happen in this suptacular story.

disclaimer :i own nothing except most of the storyline

I wasn't sacred at anything at the age of 5 or I think so I don't remember
Wait if Marry dead then how they make up? Also I like the reverse bat family, it's different
I remember when I was a kid I try to scared my mom with a kitchen knife and pretend I want to kill her
- - Jun 21
Are Batman and Flash talking SLEEPOVERS?? This is the best interpretation ever. Today Wattpad, tomorrow the WORLD!!!
                              ...yeah, I honestly don't understand my own humour sometimes.
I always though the theory of Jason being red X is just a theory...
I accidentally read baby blender XD 
                              THERE IS SOMTHING WRONG WITH MY BRAIN