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Frost_Evershard By Frost_Evershard Updated Dec 21, 2015

*ring ring*


"It's been ten years..."

"How's it going?"

"Papyrus misses you..."

"So does goat mom..."

"...I miss you..."

"...the barrier isn't coming down for a while..."

"By a while I mean decades..."

"But it's felt like decades after you left..."


"I guess I should say something else..."



(I have not played undertale but I have watched about the whole game. If I get some information wrong please don't scream at me. I hope you enjoy my story and I might write more undertale. Please comment on what I can improve and if there is anything I missed. THANKS!!!!!)

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GalacticXCandy GalacticXCandy Jul 06, 2017
...*paps jumps thru the window*
                              SEE HUMAN I CAN BRAKE THE SILENCE TOO!!
VLeonidV VLeonidV Aug 03, 2017
Did Frisk turn into a rock? That would atleast explain why they couldn't answer the phone
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Oct 17, 2017
More like put it on his ginormous tab. You trying to compensate for something, Sans? (I’m disgusted with myself)
D1D4CT D1D4CT Oct 27, 2017
when sans felt pain the first time, shouldn't he have just died, cuz he has 1 hp
No need to be upsetti about spaghetti or you might regretti.
ChocoMeoka ChocoMeoka Jul 27, 2017
Hey Sans, us weird stalkers/readers can hear the pun and laugh! So say it!
                              This is snow not funny.
                              I was blown away.