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Innocence Waning

Innocence Waning

12.6K Reads 714 Votes 24 Part Story
Chezdon Morrison By chezdon1997 Updated Sep 18, 2016

A "mature" work of teen fiction (nearly complete) featuring a precocious sixteen year old Australian teenage boy called Chezdon who has a penchant for red wine, politics, cricket and guys in skinny jeans. Set in Melbourne, the protagonist develops relationships not only with his peers but with adults, is motivated by his sexual awakening and navigates many difficult situations as he finds his place in the world with a glass of red wine in his hand.
Riddled with numerous and sometimes confronting adult themes, bad language, taboo subjects and some WTF moments, this novel has a mix of dark humour, teenage sexual tension and risqué subject matter that weaves a very complex tangled story. The content hasn't managed to escape the Wattpad content filter so if you want to read it, you should follow me :)

Lolola245 Lolola245 Mar 15, 2016
This is sure interesting!! The first sentence really got my attention and I dont know why but I laughed at that :-) The book seems good so far and I really want to know who was that mysterious person calling!
PillChain PillChain Apr 03, 2016
I love your writing style, and I thought it is super interesting (coming from the USA) to read a story set in Australia.
danahar danahar Feb 09
This public restroom thing reminds me of one of the scene from ''Head On'' movie, both your book and that movie is pretty ''romantic'' at the beginning... ;)
BlackBeardedKing BlackBeardedKing Aug 02, 2016
Oh! & The first sentence is confusing tense wise, shouldn't it be 'I realise that the season had noticeably changed from summer to autumn earlier in the week' if you are writing in present tense? If that makes sense lol
- - Mar 25, 2016
I was like: "maybe I can give this book a chance" and then after the 1st paragraph: "let's finish this baby, looks promising lol" 😅😆😊😂
chezdon1997 chezdon1997 Aug 14, 2016
Oddly that movie gets a mention in 20 chapters. But thanks, will take that as a compliment:)