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Werewolf X Reader First Touch

Werewolf X Reader First Touch

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waz up O-o By Sempi_is_love_ Updated Mar 04, 2016

She was everything I wanted,her e/c eyes,her h/l h/c hair,her s/c skin. Everything about her I loved. She looked even more beautiful with snow falling on her long eyelashes and hair,making it look like she has crystals in her hair. I always watched her. She was always on my eye. She singed, runned,sprint,even bath. I just saw her lovely silhouette and nothing else. Though maybe..I would like to see something..else. She was y/a and me 117 years old. Werewolves can like a surprising amount of years, and for me I was still in my teen years. I watched her intently. She was huffing,her breathing visible in the cold wind. Shivering she trudged on. Her blood red hood flapping harshly in the unforgiving icie wind. It was the only color in thr snow covered forest. I licked my lips and clawed at the tree I was up in,my pure white fur whipping. She wasbut i going to freeze to death but l couldent help her,it was agienst the rules of the pack. If I did save her I would be harshly punished. Then le

Wow! Hard so hard to let wolves like her to stay and Die! Put up some claps for this book!!!
Emma2362 Emma2362 May 29, 2016
wait so is he in his human form or is he on his wolf form cause im confused
MONSTERanime MONSTERanime Sep 30, 2016
AWWWWWW, THAT'S SO SWEET. and then she's gonna wake up like we're tf am I and who are you.
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 Jun 29, 2016
Seeing me curled up in his arms.  Filled him with determination
Sempi_is_love_ Sempi_is_love_ Dec 18, 2015
Im sorry but honestly i just started this story for fun thats all if it angers you I'll take it of
AnjaliRamesar AnjaliRamesar Dec 18, 2015
Um you copied this. This actually MY story, you only changed a few words. HOW could YOU?!