Percabeth One Shots

Percabeth One Shots

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Anything can happen in one-shots.

Especially when it's Percabeth.


I don't own Percy Jackson, nor Percabeth (sadly) 

All attention goes to the amazing writer Rick Riordan. 

A big applause for him! 

*appluading everywhere*

Okay, okay stop! 

Now bigger applause for me!

[WARNING] This story is poorly written, so don't exactly expect the most accurate of characters. I actually cringe whenever I read this over and it's really bad... Just wanted to say that so when you exit out of this book after the first chaper you know that i tRIED

I agree and think that Percy's voice should be Brendon Urie, Scott Hoying, Partick Stump, or Alex Gaskarth......that's right I like bands and acapella.... Don't judge what I think his voice should be......
I see you, what you're doing there I see it, and I f**king like it....Solangelo.....
AWWWW! I would've been crying happily right now if I was SO HUNGRY!!! Curse my stomach!! 😄😄😆😆
Concella Concella Jul 24
Am I the only girl out there who utterly refuses to say panties?
Concella Concella Jul 24
I agree
                              In my mind Annabeth sounds like Ellie Goulding and Percy like John Legend when they sing
                              I don't know
This reminds me that my brother just exploded some sugar baking soda and the house is all smoky and my room is the only pure one 🚼