Kiss me, Not

Kiss me, Not

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11Thisisme04 By 11Thisisme04 Updated Dec 26, 2016

This is a story of Clarke Griffin an average dumb blonde (Yupp sorry, but it gets better i swear!) but filled with enthusiasm and positivity, fell head over heels with the a smart aleck and pure genius Lexa Woods (what of the odds!). 

A.K.A. Where Clarke was a dumb blonde fell in love with the pure genius Lexa Woods. Who was totally oblivious of her existence until fate intervene. Abby was the long lost best friend of Indra who helped them at their dire needs and they ended living together under the same roof. What would happened between the two girls? 

Spoiler: Pure annoyance, secrecy, realisation and utter oblivious characters.

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KPOPGirlsAreHot KPOPGirlsAreHot Sep 06, 2017
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly
                              All I can say is
                              That escalated quickly
_SeriouslyDem_ _SeriouslyDem_ May 07, 2017
I've just started reading this and I can already tell it's written really well
anwen369 anwen369 Aug 09, 2017
Took me a while to get the reference...
                     why hasn't wells shown up in this book yet? 😕
It started 4 years ago and now it's going to present time or 4 years later
IncrediblyRandom IncrediblyRandom Jun 17, 2017
no joke my health insurance company switched my doctor from the doctor i had since birth to someone named dr moose and i dont think i have gotten it switched back yet
B00kworm_4_Life B00kworm_4_Life Nov 06, 2017
It actually is that time of the month for me. I’m so moody. 😂😂😂