Marshall Lee x reader

Marshall Lee x reader

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♥️ By Fanfic_writing Updated Aug 31


This is the story of you -reader-chan- in Adventure Time!

It's got 'excitement, romance and suspense!' ~ quote Jake's description of an amazing story!

The happy ending will all depend on what happens throughout the book, so read to see if Jake's perfect description of a story is complete or uncompleted!


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Everyone here hates pink. I honestly like the color pink. Only if it isn't too bright or too light, then it's fine. I really want to find that one person in this fandom who does enjoy pink.
                              Please. T-T
                              btw i can smell colors?
Hate pink. I yell tell everyone this. I love dark colors. I'm kinda emo.
I'm guessing this is the authors own little AU, where Marcaline and Marshall are siblings, and stuff like that, and Gumwad and Marshall get along and stuff
Ikr pink is trash I like purple, blue,black,and blood red 😐
HailiLegit HailiLegit Jul 23
Same i hate pink! But i love the colors  black white green silver and gray
Lemme spell it out for you "B-I-T-C-H" not being rude or anything but that's how I took it when marshal said that was a 'nice'  explanation....