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We Share A History

We Share A History

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Iı Summer Miller Iı By summer_naruto Updated Jan 22

He, as destructive as a Volcano.
She, as destructive as a tornado.
Together, they formed a disaster,
And, took the whole world down. ♥


Katherine: What are you doing? 

Austin: Waiting for you.

Katherine: On the ground where we first met?

Austin: I'm feeling symbolic.

Katherine: It's bad, isn't it?

Austin: I believe you owe me a dance Kitty.

 Katherine: Austin, just tell me. How bad is it?

Austin: Dance with me. Please.


Dialogue credits to TVD writers.

DeviousQueen DeviousQueen Mar 26, 2016
I saw this story while reading Love and Sins.
                              I clicked it so here I am. Reading another story of yours... 
                              Btw, the description was AWESOME. ⭐⭐⭐⭐♥♥♥
Devil_Dulzura Devil_Dulzura Nov 21, 2015
Keep up ya!!!
                              You are the loveliest author!!
                              All your works are just awesome...
                              I love this story too...
                              You  are just amazing..
diya_06 diya_06 Nov 20, 2015
Keep it up girl!! you are my favourite writer on wattpad...loved this chapter.
diya_06 diya_06 Nov 20, 2015
Interesting.... One chapter already loving it! you are an amazing writer
winchester_x winchester_x Nov 20, 2015
Guess who is back to support you @summer_naruto :) 
                              Loved this chapter.