Five Star Hotel

Five Star Hotel

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|#2 in Romance 2/20/16|

"What's your name?" He asked me.

"Sugar." I said, randomly. Obviously that wasn't my name but it flew out of my mouth, not giving me any time to stop it. He probably thought I was some kind of stripper.

I could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke. "Well then Sugar, mind telling me why you're here, alone in that fancy, pink dress."

lulu9002 lulu9002 2 days ago
Did she just say Latino?...... WELL THEN COME OVER HERE PAPI SO I SUCK YO DÏCK
mothertruckers mothertruckers 2 days ago
All the dumb bitcheś  saying they're here to see butt hurt blondes. OK HUNTY YOU WOULD BE CRYING IF BRUNETTES WERE TREATED LIKE BLONDES
queen903 queen903 a day ago
Wow I wouldn't be there , I would throw both of them of a bridge onto spikes
socliche3333 socliche3333 2 days ago
you know what's wrong? the fact that u stole my bf. shut the f*ck up bit*h
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 a day ago
Seriously though yeah she should be able to drink but not to the point of drunkenness cause then she could do something stupid and get hurt or y'know die and then her mom would be devastated.
princessrain19 princessrain19 a day ago
Well, this is me right now. 2 years and theres nothing great happen.