Mafia Blood - Book Four | Under Major Editing

Mafia Blood - Book Four | Under Major Editing

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ムɪᴍᴇᴇ ᴘᴀᴜʟɪɴᴇ By Aimee21x Completed

Book four of the Mafia series

His eyes show so much anger, and hate as he looks down at me, "I want you to feel the same pain I felt, the same pain I'm feeling at this exact moment!" he shouts at me. Wanting me to feel his pain, wanting me to understand how broken he is. That by each day that passes by he takes a step forward to wanting to end his own life.

This is the continued book to 'The Mafia's Mistress', 'Dante', and 'His Mafia Soul', so it has three POVs.

Also I suggest not reading this book unless you have read all the 3 first Mafia books, 'The Mafia's Mistress' and 'Dante' and 'His Mafia Soul', or you will get confused if you read this book without reading the first three books from the Mafia series. Thanks!

This book has Mature Content and is meant for mature audience only. 18+ read at your own risk.

Cover by: Sweetblast

  • affairs
  • alcohol
  • billionaire
  • broken
  • brothers
  • clubs
  • death
  • depression
  • desperation
  • drugs
  • guns
  • leaders
  • loneliness
  • mafia
  • mental
  • mindcontrol
  • pain
  • romance
  • violence
anoli_0508 anoli_0508 Mar 30
I can't find the first 3 books of the mafia series..please direct me..
I'm in love with Dante . But omg they're all connected ! Ugh
44Bernard 44Bernard Apr 29, 2016
First book I have read in this series... So, if Marcia is a crime boss, what is Christian? I'm probably too impatient. I will find out soon enough, I guess?