My First Love

My First Love

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vyehet By vyehet Updated May 21, 2016

[Your POV]

I was grocery shopping and now I was on my way home. Everytime when I'm going home I have to walk through a park. I've always had good memories of this park, but today was not a good memory. My boyfriend is kissing my best friend right now. I was so shocked that the bags of the groceries fell on the ground. ,,W-Wonho?" I said shocked. ,,(y/n)" Wonho lets out a sigh. ,,I wanted to tell you..." he started. ,,How long?" I said. ,,4 months" he said. ,,We're dating for 6 months now Wonho and you were betraying me for 4 months now?" tears started to roll down my face. I didn't wait for his answer. I started to run. I didn't care about the groceries. All I want is to get away from him.

I opened the door of my house. ,,(Y/n)? Are you home? Can you give me the groceries?" my mum came out of the kittchen and looked at me. I was still crying and my mum was shocked seeing me like this. She came towards me and hugs me. ,,What's wrong?" she said. I just shook my head and started crying ...

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DatKpopGurl DatKpopGurl May 28, 2017
You are in a freaking fan fiction. You have to see him again because Fanfiction