Marrying The CEO

Marrying The CEO

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Kimi L. Davis By coinikee Completed

Without thinking twice, I removed the cap of the pen and signed. I signed my life away. I signed myself away. 
Alice Gardner was a hardworking woman who was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Despite wanting to enjoy life, Alice was stuck working two low paying jobs in order to earn money for her little brother's surgery, but to no avail. 

Alice needed money and she needed it fast. Otherwise, she would lose her brother. So when a once in lifetime opportunity presents itself in a form of a newspaper advertisement, Alice jumps at the chance. 

Gideon Maslow is the owner of the world biggest business empire, Maslow Enterprises. He is ruthless and had the power to destroy anyone with just a snap of his fingers. In his circle, he is regarded as Dark Royalty. Despite having everything, what he wanted was an heir, who would inherit his empire when the time came. So he holds interviews in order to find the perfect wife who is going to give him an heir. 

When Gideon interviews Alice, he believes that Alice does not fit his standards of a wife at all, but can he be wrong? 

When Alice leaves Maslow Enterprises, she thinks that she won't ever see Gideon Maslow ever again, but her beliefs are shattered when she sees Gideon again and realizes that Gideon Maslow has no intention of letting her go. 

Warning: mature content!

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excuse you?  shut your pretty mouth and suck up your pride. take the money.
lavhoe lavhoe Nov 30
Doing psychology does smth to you... This psychologist's name is Maslow and every time the lady says Mr. Maslow I keep in picturing an old man
totoe-chan totoe-chan Nov 10
Lol I'm 18 and I still read Super Heroes and children books😁😂
NayyirahH14 NayyirahH14 Nov 10
Bro just adopt a little dude
                              What’s wrong with the kids with different last names ;-;
akera93 akera93 Dec 02
I honestly would take it. She probably won't take it and act stupid but this guy didn't want sex or some sort of vile deal in exchange. I wouldn't lower myself to be a charity case if I was the sick one but if it's for a loved one I'd beg if needed. This guy didn't even ask her to do that
NHS in the UK means no paying for operations or children's medicine but it's a story so I'll just hush now...