Valley Girl

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Gabriella By PurpleActressLol Updated 4 years ago
Victorica a 16 year old Valley Girl. What is a Valley Girl? A Valley Girl is a rich, popular, spoilt stuck up teen girl. But then this one phonecal for dad is to move. To leave the house, friends, money how can she cope. Read the book and wait and see!!!!
really cool story ,you should check mine it is called A Striking encounter ,would really like it if you tell me what you think of it :)
I guess its based on the movie "wild child"... one of my favourites
aha is not just a bag it's prada biatch!! lol i love saying that xD upload sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon bff ;)
@PurpleBieberLOL - lol so right!  Have fun!! While im at home lol cyaa tomoz
@PurpleBieberLOL - lol i know i just wanted to see what u wrote back! ahaha and yea =) THANKS FOR THE DEDICATION!!! =) u r gonna make me cry from happiness! no not really but anyway lol
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so jacob is the name of the dad huh? why that name gabriella is there something you are not telling me huh????? LOL and i have a complain WHY IS KATE THE DUMB ONE??? ( i think im more smartiool than you are LOL) any way love it!!! and answer me on chat!!!
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