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"You're ripped at every edge, but you're a masterpiece."


!contains smut!

*freaking out on the inside and feeling like imma explode* I would like if you did say that
5 HOURS!? MINUTES!? SECONDS!? YEARS!? The world may never know.
Well obviously he's gonna like you back or else there wouldn't be a story Lol boi use your common sense. JKJK I NEED SLEEP DONT PAY ATTENTION TO MY COMMENTS
I would suck your nipples until they fell off and then I'd take them home as a souvenir and hang them up on my wall :)
omlgrande omlgrande Jul 19
I screamed 
                              Then I squealed surprised 
                              Then I screamed even louder
                              I also slammed my head in a pillow 
                              What Cash does to ya
ColorMeJian ColorMeJian Aug 21
When I read "Nash lunging" I almost threw my phone bc I was 99% positive that Nash was gonna beat the shït out of Cam but NOPE