Vengeful Demon

Vengeful Demon

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Angela Okoduwa By Angelique_Esmeralda Completed

He grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks. She winced then he forcefully kissed her but with a sudden yelp, tore his lips from hers, placing his fingers to his bleeding lower lip. "I'll teach you not to bite!" He grabbed her head and hit it hard against the hard edge of the desk, perhaps hoping to knock a tooth or two out of that mouth of hers.

A trickle of deep red blood ran down her lip and chin from her nostril and a red bruise was beginning to appear on her eye as she slipped to the floor in pain.

"What are these?" He asked, peering at the symbols up close on the lenses but they didn't make any sense to him.

"It's a restraining spell..." She said in short weak breaths. "They keep the demons inside me locked up." She answered in a rather different voice, more male than female... Her hair a bloody wet mess around her swollen face.

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Yernry Yernry Mar 18, 2016
Never been a fan of horror stories or novel but so far it has been thrilling