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CrystaltheWriter2 By CrystaltheWriter2 Updated Oct 03

Meet Roman, a 16 year old Black Queen who is tormented for her curves. Being black and thick ain't easy.

Meet Zach, a 17 year old white bad boy. Typical heartbreaker, who has girls falling for him left and right.

Will he help her realize her strength? Or will she have to broken to see it?

fckthtbihh fckthtbihh May 07
Umm no. Idgaf if we were strangers I'm not leaving someone who cant/won't defend themselves to get jumped
colombriana colombriana Jun 28
She should've let her friend stay there with her cause Jessica's friends were there. They coulda tag teamed that hoe
colombriana colombriana Jun 28
Kick that hoe in the face!!! Ain't no way in hell ima let a chick stab me and get away with it especially not on my bday
Nah I can't just sit back n let someone hit lol I'm crazy as hell if she would've  hit me she better be prepared for whn I tear her ass up thn beat her lil minions asses too lol
I can't do it.   I can't allow someone to bully me..  I would always fight back.
dmacoleman dmacoleman May 16
I think Jessica secretly likes Roman and can't express herself or she is just unChristianly words