You're Mine

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Nicole By NicoleRayne Updated 4 years ago
He rips away everyone I care about one by one. All for me. He only wants me. 
    I can't control myself around him, I can't fight back.
    “You’re mine, Ashlynn,” he whispers, the sound vibrates through me and makes me shiver in his grasp. 
    The worst part is, I'm starting to believe him.
awwww hell naw!!!! creepy shadow man come up in her room and kiss her and he got black eyes uh uh and then he just disappear... not happening in this bitch
You should continue the story. I've noticed you last updated in 2011. It's a really good
                                    -The Unknown
haha i didnt realize i was reading the same story on
Oooooo... I have to say, this first page really got my attention. It seems interesting and I'm so gonna read this story!
I Completely Agree With @cordise108 The Story Got My Attention .....FROM THE FIRST CHAPTER ! ...I Don't Usually Like A Story From The First Capter ...But This Is ...Woow :DD
O_O What is this?? This story really got my curiosity and attention.. Note: FULL ATTENTION!!