You're Mine

You're Mine

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Nicole By NicoleRayne Updated Dec 28, 2011

He rips away everyone I care about one by one. All for me. He only wants me. 

I can't control myself around him, I can't fight back.

“You’re mine, Ashlynn,” he whispers, the sound vibrates through me and makes me shiver in his grasp. 

The worst part is, I'm starting to believe him.

XSmokeslol XSmokeslol May 17, 2016 11:08PM
What a way to start a story XD
                              (I ain't being sarcastic Lol)
Irina208 Irina208 Dec 14, 2015 11:50PM
hehe well Christmas is not over , Christmas is about to come...
AmazinglyDolan AmazinglyDolan Jul 25, 2015 06:01AM
That's not technically possible but curse me for being "rude and inconsiderate" but I started to laugh
BaconHo BaconHo Nov 08, 2014 03:42AM
So is a cigar and cigarette the same thing? Is cigar just a shorter word for cigarette?
Wait where's his..........
                              The curiosity's I'm now having over narnia
FlipThatBirdy FlipThatBirdy Aug 08, 2014 09:16PM
I feel bad now, I was teasing my friend Amanda about her wearing some sort of dress and a scottland looking vest thing with pig tails. I called her the scotland princess. ;) I bet she so wanted to kick my arse. :/