The New Night Shifter (FNAF Guards X Reader)

The New Night Shifter (FNAF Guards X Reader)

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❀ Calligraphical ❀ By imperfect_ponpon Updated Nov 06, 2016

You were looking for a job, because you needed money to pay the bills. You found a job, that pays big money, it was A Night Shift, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You're 24 years old, and you had a bad experience with one of the guards, who are your co-workers, when you were in college.

Unfortunately, because of the incidents that happen in Freddy's Pizzeria, you have been chosen to free all the souls, that were trapped in that dreadful place. 

Will you be able to overcome the fear that THEY are giving you, or are you going to let them suffer, and stay trapped in that dreadful place....?

kagayeyama kagayeyama Oct 30, 2016
Once I put spaghetti in for five minutes, ended up burning it and dropping it on my foot, making a huge mess for me to clean up
fnaf_fangirl fnaf_fangirl Aug 15, 2016
Us sister's are so alike my little sister would probably never do that tho 😔
VanillaViolet11 VanillaViolet11 Nov 13, 2016
Yeah, I would probably react like that if this happened to me. 
Faithandkitty Faithandkitty Dec 20, 2016
ITS SO FUNNY!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm just kidding I'm cringing rn
RandomTaylor RandomTaylor Nov 03, 2016
First mike as an ex bf
                              And second toy chica my fav is gonna kill me...
                              Sounds normal for an x reader
Iyanna_Reads Iyanna_Reads Nov 06, 2016
Are we gonna get kidnapped? I mean come on, if you're in a white van you totally are gonna get kidnapped