Satan's Pet ~Completed~

Satan's Pet ~Completed~

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cottonwool By cottonwool Completed

Serena has always had a hard life. Her parents and brother despise her and she has not friends.

Oh... and she can also tell when people are about to die.

When Serena dies saving a young boy she finds herself facing the Devil himself and an Angel. Sent back home, Serena's life gets worse as she finds out she her destiny is to take part in a big battle. But things soon turn around and Serena finds herself with a good friend and a caring boyfriend. That is until a dark force starts to take over her body.

What will Serena do when she starts to black out and has no memory of her past or the battle she so long ago took part in?

  • accident
  • aidan
  • aimee
  • angel
  • anger
  • apartment
  • birthday
  • cameron
  • car
  • cheating
  • chris
  • coffee
  • council
  • crazy
  • death
  • demon
  • destiny
  • devil
  • dinner
  • dominic
  • fight
  • freedom
  • friend
  • fun
  • god
  • goodbye
  • heaven
  • hell
  • ikea
  • kiss
  • letter
  • love
  • lucifer
  • lust
  • make-out
  • mariah
  • nathanael
  • notes
  • police
  • prophecy
  • rose
  • roses
  • satan
  • school
  • serena
  • simone
  • souls
  • stacey
  • stacy
  • surprises
  • teen
  • trigger
  • truth
Kniteude Kniteude Jan 25, 2017
Yes please, we won't let you off the hook that easily now that we're really interested.
psycic_1 psycic_1 Jan 12, 2010
WHY DID YOU CALL HIM CAMERON!!! -.- Rofl... love you really... I wanna know what happens next! xxx
isabel-lindsay isabel-lindsay Jan 10, 2010
 I feel sorry for her lol 
                              she saves someone, she gets hit by a car and she black out x
                              you should continue though its really good x