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30 Day Smut Challenge (Frerard) (ON HOLD)

30 Day Smut Challenge (Frerard) (ON HOLD)

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he/him thanks By therealjesuschrist Updated May 03, 2016

Basically what the title says. 
30 Day Smut Challenge with Frerard as the ship. This is going to contain tons of hot buttsecks (obviously).
I'll list the 30 Days before I post Day One but I'm going to list the days here too.
Day 1: Naked Cuddling
 Day 2: First Kiss
Day 3: First Time
Day 4: Masturbation
Day 5: Blowjob
Day 6: Clothes Being Taken Off
Day 7: Half Dressed
Day 8: Skype Sex
Day 9: Against The Wall
Day 10: Doggy Stye
Day 11: Dom/Sub
Day 12: Fingering
Day 13: Rimming
Day 14: 69
Day 15: Sweet & Passionate
Day 16: Public Place
Day 17: On The Floor
Day 18: Morning Lazy Sex
Day 19: Outdoors
Day 20: Kink
Day 21: Shower Sex
Day 22: On A Desk
Day 23: New Position
Day 24: Shy Sex
Day 25: Toys
Day 26: Boring Sex
Day 27: Rough Sex
Day 28: Role Playing
Day 29: Food
Day 30: Author's Pick

- - Oct 12, 2016
I'm imagining this with my future wife and OMG I'M ACTUALLY CRYING
mdc111 mdc111 Feb 05
I was just sitting here eating my waffles and you just DISRESPECTED ME
killjoyforlyfe22 killjoyforlyfe22 Mar 28, 2016
Damn guess he's just soggy from the chemo but counting down the days to go. It just ain't living
AlkalineArsenic33 AlkalineArsenic33 Apr 25, 2016
I came here to have a good, happy, smutty fanfic time and I feel like that's something I will never find
briannatorres834 briannatorres834 Jul 24, 2016
This is not sister had Cancer (Leukemia) when she was 6 😭 I actually take this offensive
MadelynKayPalanos MadelynKayPalanos Mar 09, 2016
What, I'm not crying... That's crazy.. You're crying, Not me