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HYDRA's  Pet (Captain America/Bucky Barnes Fanfiction)

HYDRA's Pet (Captain America/Bucky Barnes Fanfiction)

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RealmsOfMyFantasy By RealmsOfMyFantasy Completed

I am Zaina. I have a power HYDRA wants. The ability to see anyone's thoughts and past just by touching their forehead. I don't know why they want it, but they do. They have kept me a secret. They captured me when I was just six years of age. They have been experimenting on me for ten years. I am their pet. I want to leave, I need to leave. The Avengers will save me, I hope. I need change.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Marvel characters. I only own my OCs

-Unique_Me- -Unique_Me- May 11, 2016
I just imagined Steve just tossing the girl over his shoulder and marching put, hut hut 1 2 3 hut hut 1 2 3
TyraRogers TyraRogers May 26, 2016
Reading this today after hearing what they were planning on turning him into and being like, "NO STEVE! STOOOOP!!!"
Out_Of_Here_ Out_Of_Here_ Jul 01, 2016
*scared. Sorry to be a pain in the butt but I want you to be the best writer you can be!!
COOL1095 COOL1095 Jul 18, 2016
The van? The WHITE van? Are you sure it's Hydra? 'Cause I lost track of pedo bear.
bobbie1436 bobbie1436 Apr 26, 2016
Actually the middle of the base is three doors to the left feel free to leave her there
RoseWood1221 RoseWood1221 Oct 31, 2016
Now, the secret weapon is four doors down, take the first right. Down 2 flights of stairs. Room marked 7B. Weapon name Bucky.