My Envious Teacher

My Envious Teacher

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CUniQue_Love By CUniQue_Love Updated May 07

Alex Teal, is an eleventh grader and the biggest tomboy in her school. She's got her whole life ahead of her. She's popular, she has the boyfriend she has always wanted. Then the new teacher comes a long. The immediately feel a connection, but Alex fears that she might lose her "one true love" who she believes is her boyfriend  Ned. 

Ford is a Alex's nineteen year old teacher, who is full of secrets. He  loves Alex but she doesn't trust him. He's afraid to expose his secrets in fear of losing the girl he loves and the job....well, he doesn't really care about his job.

"Don't you talk to me," I pointed at Ford backing away from him," Don't you touch me."
The more I backed away, the closer he got to me.
"Ford, don't you dear-," my back hit the wall.
He slowly pressed his body up against mine and slid his finger down my cheek. His minty breath hit my nose,"You've kept me waiting for too long, Alex."

He said Alex, not Alexis. This wasn't a dream.

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Candice-_- Candice-_- May 31
Is this the Dallas from your of book The Jealous Boss I think
I'm reading this book all over again I'm so happy rn 😭❤️
NFMirza786 NFMirza786 Aug 26
I know someone who graduated at 14 his name is Sheldon Cooper
NFMirza786 NFMirza786 Aug 26
Aaron Taylor Johnson from kick ass, avengers and Angus thongs and perfect snogging
Dramar3ader Dramar3ader Jun 04
Okaaaaaaay...creep....this is not what I expected I thought it was going to be like Ezra and Aria 😂
ObviouslyPetty ObviouslyPetty Sep 10, 2016
People say ezria but I'm just thinking about Brooke and Mr. Branson in scream