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BRAVE: A Bryan Breeding Story (B5) [Completed]

BRAVE: A Bryan Breeding Story (B5) [Completed]

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bomb. By crazigirl12 Completed

Bryan's life has been a mess for as long as he can remember. His mother disowns him and his father is constantly in and out of jail. The only thing that keeps him going is his little sister, Bailey and his best friend, Paige. 

Bryan has a deep, dark secret that he's been holding on to and people have seemed to have figured it out in the worst way possible. Since they have such information on him, they think that bullying would be the best way to get to him. 

Could Bryan be BRAVE and stand up to everyone that causes harm to him? Could Bryan be BRAVE to the people that make fun of him? Could Bryan be BRAVE to the person that disowns him? Could Bryan be BRAVE to the person that made his life a living hell? 

Read to find out.

FaithCampbell1 FaithCampbell1 Sep 06, 2016
Bruh those niggas acting straight gay. Like come on now. Taking pictures for what? Motivation? Hell Bryan probably got more than you. Paige dumb as hell letting them niggas join in. Like wtf? And is she dating carnell or something?
nikkeyi nikkeyi Sep 05, 2016
Ready for more!!!! I hope Bryan can learn to be brave and stand up for himself. Paige won't be around all the time.
nikkeyi nikkeyi Sep 06, 2016
If you're not going to do it at least let Paige do it. She's 'bout that life 😩😩😩
FaithCampbell1 FaithCampbell1 Sep 05, 2016
Great first chapter. Why Dustin always got to be a punk bitch nigga?
nikkeyi nikkeyi Sep 06, 2016
I think Paige should have the green light to kill whoever. You are not going to get respect Bryan unless you demand it. And why is she with Carnell anyways???  I wanna know what that scar is about myself. And then pictures sound like it's going to be a bad thing. Then I'm gonna have to f them up!!!!
nikkeyi nikkeyi Sep 05, 2016
Nope Paige should check them. If you're old enough to talk junk you are old enough to get checked ✔️✔️✔️