Shadow Walker ( Avengers )

Shadow Walker ( Avengers )

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Zahraa Talib By ZahraaMuhi Updated Aug 07, 2017

" She walks the shadows and could kill you in a blink of an eye! " the man said in a hushed whisper as he nervously looked around.

" Well, they do call me Shadow Walker for a reason, " a smooth voice said, the smirk practically visible in her voice. 

Not a second later, the man fell dead to the ground, a bullet wound shown perfectly between his frightened eyes.

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lunabell4 lunabell4 Oct 06, 2017
Ella: ugh sound like that one pervert uncle, don't you think Luna?
                              Luna: *sparkling while giggling* 
                              Ella: still sparkling huh 😓
I honestly didn't notice the translations, I just read the Spanish part oops
DarkBlackSoul DarkBlackSoul Aug 04, 2017
Natasha (from the Mavels avenger universe) was born in 1984. That is important due to being trained by Bucky and shot by him. Love the idea just if you do CAWS doctors the dates to match your idea please!
0WhiteThunder0 0WhiteThunder0 Apr 11, 2017
If you say things about the Dutch then I will come to your house 🔪😂
Hey so taking Spanish from Pre-K really does pay off, if I can understand this
Madell_Livingston Madell_Livingston Oct 12, 2016
Hey well this is the author's book, for Loki's sake stop correcting the person who took their precious time to WRITE ALL OF THIS. Correct or not, half the people who read it wouldn't know the difference. And dearies, even Hispanic ppl don't speak proper Spanish so shut up