Be My Forever (a gumlee fanfiction)

Be My Forever (a gumlee fanfiction)

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Dakota By homosexualz Updated Dec 27, 2018

Number 1 on the gumlee tag !! 

Prince gumball and marshal lee both go to the same school, but never get along. They're too different, and usually steer clear from each other. But as years went by, the two grew to be close, or closer then before. 

Then the next year of high school Began, and strange feelings began to arise between the two. But will something-or someone-come between them?

An old gumlee fanfic. 

Trigger warnings: LGBT slurs, homophobia, drugs / alcohol, some sexual themes

  • boyxboy
  • gumlee
  • romance
  • yaoi
floofyDragonBaby floofyDragonBaby Jan 04, 2018
Oh geez IDFK gumball what is it? Maybe you balls just dropped! You should use it to ask out marshallee!
StoriesWithMariana StoriesWithMariana Jan 22, 2018
Aquanauts? Isn't that an underwater explorer or something. And isn't it Marshall not Marshal? x-x It's so weird and new to read Marshal Lee instead of Marshall Lee. Oof.
br0keny0uth br0keny0uth Nov 29, 2017
I somewhat like MCR but I like the neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys more idk..
nightmoon5 nightmoon5 Oct 16, 2017
Hmm let me think......OH! I now! YOU'REEEEEEEEEEE GAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
Saltiest_Sardine Saltiest_Sardine Nov 16, 2017
I'm that one puny child who everyone likes then when they tell me they discover my gay side