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♡Fairy Tail Lemons♡

♡Fairy Tail Lemons♡

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♡Mystwalker♡ By Queen-Mystwalker Updated Mar 14

I love romance so much! So, why not make a book about lemons. I'm so dirty!
  Any random ships you like, I do them!
  Warning: Very Sexual, along with the pictures!
  If your not into this type of stuff please do not read!
  Warning: Lemons is sex. Please don't read unless you like reading about sex.
  Requests are Closed:
  All characters are owned by Hiro Mashima. I only own plot. I don't own pictures either.

ErLu? (Erza and Lucy)
                              Erza would be Himedere in this one while Lucy goes Dandere. 
                              Is this one in?
And can u do mystgon x Lucy X Jellal lemon can it be punishment plz
Terror1203 Terror1203 Jun 09, 2016
More requests: Natza, Aconologia x Eileen, Kyouka x Erza, Griuva, Laxus x Erza, and Kagura x Jellal x Erza! Please!! Can't help it must request!! Thank you!!
Terror1203 Terror1203 Aug 09, 2016
I got one. Mystogan x Laxus. However Mystogan turned into a women for some reason and they get into it. However while their doing it Mystogan seems to be squirting a lot and Gray and Natsu were in the guild late at night and over here them and decide to join in. How's at?
Chloe_Kitty Chloe_Kitty Jun 15, 2016
HAY! I can't pm people so I'm gonna have to comment. That's my little brother, every time I let him go on my IPod he unfollows somebody! I'm so sorry! I'll be sure he doesn't again! 😘
Terror1203 Terror1203 May 25, 2016
Hey Jacqueline, let's play true or dare. I dare you to make a Auguest and Eileen lemon. They are both strong so that should tell you something. Hehe, I'm so evil!!