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Dollhouse ( A Creepypasta Fanfiction)

Dollhouse ( A Creepypasta Fanfiction)

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Allison By AllisonOMara Updated a day ago

Brooklynn may only be 6, but she already hates her life. Her father is cheating on her mother. Her mom knows he is cheating, but just drinks away the pain of a broken heart. Her brother does drugs in his room all day.
    Nobody wants Brooklynn. The only friends she has are her dollies.  They listen to her. They help her through this very tough time. 
    But, they can only do so much.
    Brooklynn had imaginary friends. 
    The only issue with this is...
    They weren't imaginary.

_Queen_Creeper_ _Queen_Creeper_ a day ago
My dad's name is Keith...
                              This is going to be so awkward...
                              PLEASE WAKE UP
                              DADS WITH A SLUT
                              AND YOUR SON IS SMOKIN CANNIBIS
Hey girl open the walls ,play with your dolls we'll be a perfect family
-Eat-A-Snickers- -Eat-A-Snickers- 5 days ago
This is based of Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez isn't it? YASS! >.<
This is the perfect example of a terrible mother through and through
Simiswain Simiswain Jan 04
Ben is supposed to be a creepypasta, not some nice cuddly person 😑