Believe in Wonders (W2H Sock X Reader)

Believe in Wonders (W2H Sock X Reader)

32.2K Reads 1.6K Votes 24 Part Story
Dinah Dipshit By PotatoChip001 Completed

You have just moved to a brand new town, where you are going to start a brand new life. You already decided who you are gonna try to befriend, what impression you are going to make, and how to befriend them.
But then you meet Sock.

Suddenly, your life gets 10 times better.

W2H & W2H Characters (C) Erica Wester
You (reader) (C) You
Other characters (C) PotatoChip001

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Like that one stalker who happens to be my friend at school and literally has mini seizures from time to time. He's more of an idiot than creepy but idgaf
My inspirational quotes:
                              LIFE IS AN ALLUSION
                              THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM
                              BUY GOLD
                              BYYYYYYEEEEE! - floating dorito
                              life is like a box of chocolates
                              You never know what you're gonna get  - RUUUUUN FORREST RUUUUUUUUUN
*looks through a sniper rifle scope* female dog spotted, I repeat female dog spotted. Permission to shoot to kill? 
                              Johnathan: your just looking through a toilet paper tube
                              Your no fun!
Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Jul 28
Would it happen to be Heather, Heather Heather, and Veronica
Tikitoitoi Tikitoitoi Aug 14
Boi I have a crush on Jason Dean, I'm sure we'll be fine here
How can they? They don't know me. I have an addiction to guns, alcohol and jumping through windows and they feel sorry for me sitting next to you? Bish they should be feelin sorry for you cuz i am the real demon of earth. No wall can stop me TRUMP