Laundry Boy (Currently Editing)

Laundry Boy (Currently Editing)

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Seventeen year old Casper Reynolds and his goofy laidback best friend Eric live and breathe surfing. Living in a busy tourist town in California right on the coast makes for a pretty crowded city, especially in the summer. Casper's parents just so happen to own one of the most sought out hotels in the city. So when they end up short-handed during the busiest time of year they ask Casper to help out. 

Instead of getting to surf from sunrise to sunset, instead of being able to check out the 'hot babes' as Eric would say, and instead of having the summer of a lifetime he gets stuck with a summer job. It doesn't help one bit when a mysterious grudge-holding girl ends up staying at the hotel Casper's working at. After a chance encounter that goes horribly wrong the girl obviously has it out for Casper. 

If personalities could be graded like school work Casper would be a solid C. He's average. He's not memorable or extraordinary or even remarkable. The mystery girl however would be an F as in a failure of a human being. She's mean, cruel, and simply unbearable. 

So what happens when Casper finds out the girl has secret? Maybe...just maybe he'll realize there's more to her than a rude, crude exterior.

With couple heated arguments, sarcastic comments, and a little blackmail anything is possible.

*Warning* ~This is my first book on Wattpad so, read at your own risk. It gets better as it goes along though. Enjoy! xx~ 
Hey!! Thanks for clicking on my story (hopefully it wasn't accidental haha). Anyways just a few disclaimers.
1. The original picture for the cover was off WeHearit and after a little magic it turned into that. So yeah.
2. This isn't really a diclaimer but, whatever: Plagerism is a crime and it's just plain rude. All epilogues, prologues, chapters, and characters belong to me. They're MINE. Understood? Okay good.
3. This story wouldn't exist without Sammmy134's amazing idea so thank you so much!!

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