Quiet | Riren

Quiet | Riren

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'I hate this, I'm not going to call him anything!'

'You'll do as you're told, Eren. This man is giving you a chance to create a proper life and you're not accepting what's best.'

Eren Yeager has been mute ever since he was the age of six.

With sign language used for daily communication, moving schools for the fifth time in a year has made him become a rather subdued teenager. After his mother contacted a therapist, Levi Ackerman, who's fluent in sign language and lip reading, Eren turns against what he's being forced into.

Having odd personal traits and habits, Eren begins to stumble his way through his new daily life. Being bullied daily at school, no friends and no way of communicating to other teens his age except with pen and paper. Frustrated with the fact, Levi begins to choose the boy's choices and future, after school working with him on how to break his bad habits and problems.

Although, once Eren finds out his assistant has developed feelings for him, being mute can tear one budding relationship within a second.

'Everyone considered me a quiet boy. Personally. But I thought myself of being loud on the inside, I had a way of surviving in our way of life. I knew I'd find a way to be able to express what I felt. I want to be normal.'


Bad language/mature themes (Psychological horror/disorders)/sex.

[Characters belong to Hajime Isayama. The plot is my own.]

P.s. I'll be doing the do with ur son later in the story as it's an ereri. Thank.
Ereriiiii Ereriiiii Sep 14
What if it's like lolita, where the mum falls in love with him and he married her just to get closer to Eren?
sadjuuzuo sadjuuzuo Oct 24
i like how the mom tells levi eren is gay its like she wants to hint at something lmao
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