Understanding a Storm

Understanding a Storm

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I despise socializing with a passion. 

It's a fact: I'm terrible at it. 

Like the useless person I am with everything else except for academics. It makes me wonder if there was ever such a time when I didn't suck at it so badly. Oh yeah, the time when I haven't met my good old friend, anxiety. Along with it's most honorable sidekick, depression.

I hate talking- more than necessary.

I can't stand being touched- even if it's just a friendly hug.

I, Aisha Storm, in general, don't like people.

Years have passed and I'm doing just fine. Alone. That's what I was. Until some guy who I will never admit I found attractive showed up in my life.

His smile sends pleasant chills down my spine. The ocean blue color of his eyes capture my attention. His muscular frame emit power, yet he's so gentle I find myself caving into his touch.

Most of all, he's capable of stripping the wall I brought up to shun me from civilization with little to no effort.

☆☆☆ Second Book from the Obsession series ☆☆☆

(As always, you are not required to read my other books to prepare yourself for this one. It can be read as it's own. And don't be an asshole who steals my ideas. Love you all <3)

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MuhammadReads MuhammadReads Sep 05, 2017
You should never have an opportunity to say "again",you leave him alone after the first time🤷🏽‍♀️🙄😒🙂😶🙌🏽
VanessaCodd7 VanessaCodd7 Dec 09, 2017
Their are Ellie and Xander I was wondering how this could be a kinda sequel without Xander and Ellie
Sharick420 Sharick420 Jul 01, 2016
What is the name of the first book. I would love to read it too
amareese5 amareese5 Jul 12, 2016
Omg I am in love with it already hiw on earth does it only have this many likes like whatttttt
m_bulnes123 m_bulnes123 Jul 26, 2016
The authors talent with the character connection through the sequels are so on point 👌😂