The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs

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Dead girl walking By Dreams-of-Magic Completed

~@somerandomperson712 inspired me to do this so if you like my books go check out hers!~

This is a book full of zodiac scenarios and other really cool things and I hope you enjoy!

I don't own most of these, credit goes to tumblr and every other source I may list in this book. 

Please don't take anything that I clearly say is mine!

No hate please!

I get it but since i dont trust gonna fuckin fall to my death
Nah i'd either beat the person up,kill them some way or just jump out my window to get out
Nope when the killer fall like a idiot I while Break his neck and punch him to death 
                              Sorry but the aries is violent
Aimeezitta2 Aimeezitta2 May 26
That is true I'm definitely the first to die I can't even argue with that
Aka the smart one gets outta the house faster and is most likely safe
xxMalefic xxMalefic Feb 10, 2016
Yes! I'm good at throwing knives. I mean, I'm not professional, just like good. It's just when I'm angry, I throw knives at trees in the woods nearby :3 and just in case something happens to me.