Natural Masochism (Sequel)

Natural Masochism (Sequel)

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((*it has come to my attention that the first book was removed from Wattpad. I didn't delete it but it's gone. I'm so sorry!*))

Persephone is Tony and Autumn's daughter, aged 17. After Jace had to go back into the army, he died in combat, saving the lives of his troop. Ridden with grief for years, Tony and Autumn tried to move on, unsuccessful for a very long time. Once Autumn fell pregnant, they believed it was Jace giving them a blessing. Naming their child after Jace, Jocelyn Persephone, he would live on forever within her. 

As Persephone grows older, she has no idea about the true nature of her parents relationship, though she does know that originally Jace had been married to her mom as well as Tony, and at the same time. 

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Persephone gets into the dark corners of the Internet and discovers BDSM, deciding that she wants to try it out. Her boyfriend, Luke, is all too familiar with the concept, as his parents own a BDSM club in town, and take no interest in hiding their sexuality from their family. 

One day while receiving a punishment, Autumn walks in on Luke and Persephone, thinking she was the only one home. 

It's a downhill road as Autumn is quickly reminded of the husband she loved so dearly and lost all too soon. 

Along with this, Autumn is also concerned on how to deal with Persephone's newfound interest in sex and BDSM, and if she should tell her about her past. 

Come along on our journey to see Autumn's family get shredded and glued back together over and over again, with a surprise twist no one will be expecting.

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PrincessNotSaved PrincessNotSaved Jul 20, 2017
Awe omg this is uh an amazing book and so is the one before this I swear, it's 2:38 in the morning and I started reading the first book like at 11:50pm or something and it's kept me up all night!! Keep writing girl!!! I love it!!!
Kidrauhl6363 Kidrauhl6363 Oct 16, 2017
Maybe this is a reaction from war? Maybe he got in a zone or something.
little_lelebaby little_lelebaby Apr 23, 2016
I wish he didn't have to be the bad guy he was amazing well all except for the broken bones..