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Rise of the Ripper (Abyssal Sanctuary #3)

Rise of the Ripper (Abyssal Sanctuary #3)

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Gavin Hetherington By GavinHetherington Updated Jun 19

The third book in the award-winning 'Abyssal Sanctuary' series! The Ripper Rises, the Witches Return, and Everyone's Life is at Stake!
  Justin, Tiffany, Eric, Christina and Carmen may all be alive following their showdown with the cannibalistic family that were stalking them, but they've set in motion a grisly legacy that will further expose their darkest secrets and force them to continue fighting for their lives. Their dark night is far from over and they have more enemies trying to kill them than ever before.
  As the friends navigate the many mysteries and events that surround them, a power outage plunges Lakefield View into complete and utter darkness. For a whole night, the Ripper will roam the streets of the town, seeking vengeance on the person that killed its gypsy mother. That may be the least of their problems. Evil witches begin to make the town their home while seducing one of them to the dark art of witchcraft, all the while friends and family are in danger of dying the closer they get to the truth  - and more of them do. 
  The nightmare never ends in Lakefield View. With the chilling conclusion of 'Ashes of the Innocent' being resolved in a jaw-dropping way, and Rippers, stalkers, unknown enemies and witches targeting the five friends, never before have their lives been in more danger. 
  The Abyssal Sanctuary series:
  1. Remnants of the Damned (On Wattpad)
  2. Ashes of the Innocent (On Wattpad)
  3. Rise of the Ripper (Ongoing)
  4. City of the Dead
  5. Decaying of the Shadows
  More to be revealed...
  Winner of the 'Should've Been You' award at the Fiction Awards 2016 (hand-picked by the team).

I can't say that I am not excited yet freaking scared to carry on reading.... Your books are technically the only thing that are keeping me going at the moment when facing my own monsters
Thank you for the third installment of the abyssal sanctuary series. First two books were amazing
NonoyDoctolero NonoyDoctolero Jul 22, 2016
thank you for this wonderful series. can't get enough of it :)
scifilovfan scifilovfan Jun 06, 2016
LOVE the sound of these chapters! You come up with literally the best chapter names!
Lydia_Smalls Lydia_Smalls Aug 09, 2016
I'm not going off wattpad till I come to where you last updated 😂😂
scifilovfan scifilovfan Jun 06, 2016
LOVE the cover - I've used it for my profile pic, hope that's okay!