Stuck In Naruto (A Gaara Love Story)

Stuck In Naruto (A Gaara Love Story)

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Mrs. Mad Hatter By lizeyamorgan Completed

Eliza Morgan was a freak in the real world with her gold red and green eyes that resembled a cats eyes and her dyed blue hair that was to her shoulders always talking to herself and was always the misfit with her odd craving for blood

But when she finds herself in the naruto world she finds out more than she ever would have imagined like the fact she's half neko that comes from a clan that's nearly extinct and the fact she's the princess of that clan 

She finds out her real name and melody's real name and more things than she ever would have guessed 

but what happens when she starts falling for a certain sand shinobi who everyone seems afraid of but her?

will she find love?
will she trust her heart?
will he accept the half-neko girl?
will he accept he's loved?
or will everything crash and burn around them?

I don't own naruto I just own my OC'S and my story line 
read first chapter for more info on everything

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Uchiha_Sister_321 Uchiha_Sister_321 Aug 25, 2017
The middle of her chest? doesn't that mean that if someone wants to see the clan Mark they have ro look at her boobs?...
                               ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Franceneedsmorewine Franceneedsmorewine Sep 30, 2017
XD im sorry , but I couldn't help but think 'dam she's young ' Because I had compared it to Doctor who XDD
danisonaunicorn danisonaunicorn Oct 01, 2017
Ok is it wierd that we have the same birthday, blood type and personality?
Everyone here is stating "My birthday!" or "My friend's birthday" ect. while I'm here thinking "SHE'S CAPRICORN!! "
danisonaunicorn danisonaunicorn Oct 01, 2017
Everyone who reads smuts are pervs👊🏻👊🏻 join the club 😋
Admin_Maria Admin_Maria Jul 14, 2017
I was like, 'ooh new story' and as I read the name. "Eliza."
                              I'm Eliza.