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King Of My Heart (mpreg) [Slow Updates]

King Of My Heart (mpreg) [Slow Updates]

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Dominic By Arvernii Updated Apr 22

Louis grew up the adopted son of a farming family; however that life was never his own.  When the King of Norway conquered Britannia his parents, the King and Queen of Britannia, smuggled baby Louis out of the city of London to avoid the fate that would befall them.  Given to Geoff and Karen Payne, they raised Louis as their own along with their actual son Liam.

In deadly, bloody circumstances Louis learns of his actual identity and makes a choice to claim what is rightfully his and to liberate his people from the occupation of a foreign King.  However to wear a crown is a birthright, but to successfully rule a nation is a task few can accomplish.  

Three years after Louis reclaims his throne, the continent of Europa threatens to fall into war; across the English Channel a new nation named Francia under King Charles aggressively expands her borders, destroying everything in her path; if she turns her gaze north the results could be devastating.  

At the same time, far to the south and east, a new religion called Islam is taking hold and is growing with terrifying speed.  The Muslims grow in power under the banner of the star and the moon until they stand on the edge of Europa, ready to bring their religion and their God to the Christian world at the end of a sword.  


I feel compelled to add that I'm not anti Muslim/Islam, this fiction is semi-accurate historical.  The Christian/Muslim conflict actually happen in history.  Muslims called Moors conquered the vast majority of Spain and threatened to spill into France and from there expand to the rest of Europe.  

To the east in modern day Turkey another group of Muslims named the Turks nearly brought the Byzantine Empire to it's knees and paved the way for the Crusades.

**This story will not be a fantasy story; no magic, dragons, elves etc etc etc

Cover made by since-he-was-eighteen on tumblr

BasicLarryBitch BasicLarryBitch Sep 30, 2016
                              Ok but seriously what do you all know about Norway?
BasicLarryBitch BasicLarryBitch Sep 30, 2016
The only reason why I'm reading is because it's Larry and it mentions Norway (my country)