Yandere!Brother x Female!Reader

Yandere!Brother x Female!Reader

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And so it seems we've hit 50k reads!
I'd just like to say, thank you!
Thank you to everyone who even peeked at the story!
It means a lot!

This story contains  the following:

Sexual Content
Harsh Language
Attempt of murder


  • anime
  • incestiswincest
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ScentedRoses ScentedRoses Apr 06, 2017
I like how Audrey in Huniepop has the same voice actor as Osana from Yandere Simulator
BuuCakeLuver BuuCakeLuver Apr 03, 2017
I just notice the author-chans profile picture and i watch that girl on youtube KIZUNA AI virtual youtuber!!!
phandom_xD phandom_xD Jan 07
Omfg, my irl best friend is named Tiffany! What a coincidence 😆
nuggetnugget11 nuggetnugget11 Dec 16, 2017
Okay good I thought it was gonna describe my real brothers name and that would be weird. But here I am reading this mainly for the incest soooo
OfficiaIIy OfficiaIIy Sep 07, 2017
I'm only here for yoosung tbh cause he is my BABY ALONG WITH JUMIN HAN AND 707
0galaxywolf0 0galaxywolf0 Apr 05, 2017
                              NO REGRETS THOOO LOL.
                              Is it weird that i think this is cute?