Yandere!Brother x Female!Reader

Yandere!Brother x Female!Reader

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ᴶᴱᴺᴺᴬ By DJ-Dva Completed

And so it seems we've hit 50k reads!
I'd just like to say, thank you!
Thank you to everyone who even peeked at the story!
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This story contains  the following:

Sexual Content
Harsh Language
Attempt of murder


I have short hair bruh...BRUH! Every trait here  is me but in an Ironic Way 😂😅
ChaoticWriter66 ChaoticWriter66 Apr 17, 2016
They liked have 69 so imma just say I like it don't want to mess it up if you know what I mean;)
My name is tiffany....and my best guy friends name is Jason. What a interesting circumstance. 😅
Shaffergirl Shaffergirl May 28, 2016
How the hell can you go from groping to hugging and laughing
(y/n) I 'incest' that you should NOT give a damn and just kiss him!!! Muah muah choop choop!!
11kuroko11 11kuroko11 Sep 23, 2016
Innocent......gorgeous.......pft hahahahaha me innocent and gorgeous hahahaha i'm ugly and not even innocent