Heal Me (Akatsuki no Yona) (Boyxboy)

Heal Me (Akatsuki no Yona) (Boyxboy)

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QWilliamSikes By QWilliamSikes Updated Nov 01, 2016

White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black.
Where did the last Dragon go?
To the coast, the mountains, the forest, the plains?
To the dark, to the light?

Nay, he fled to the burning sands, where he lies in wait for the champion, his master, to come forth. But he has another role to play.

Of the dragons, he is the largest, the oldest, his blood less diluted by human warriors. He obeys only his instincts:

To obey his Master.

And to watch over the other, younger Dragons.

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Is it because he's the black dragon? Like, black attracts and traps heat.
AmnesiaCat101 AmnesiaCat101 Jul 15, 2016
What kind of hot- ... never mind author- chan just explained it